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Thank you

Long Van Man
28-02-09, 17:34
Hi guys . Went out to start the camper van this morning and found out the glow plug light was not coming on . This in turn meant the van would not start :*. So I grab a cup of coffee .Sit down and have a think . Then it dawns on me to try this site for info. I type in the problem I have in the search engine and up pops the answer . Someone had done a right up on this same thing for someone else. So outside I go with info in brain :confused:and put this to the test . Put the key in and away she goes . I would just like to say THANK YOU A:to all the people who put forward info on this site that helps people like me get out of a fix. I'm going down to the New Forest tomorrow to have a chill out day with the wife and my Jack Russell. so if any one sees a red high top on the coast road. Give us a wave Cheers Steve.T:

16-04-09, 19:30

What fixed it mine has exactly the same problem,:D

Cheers Bobbster