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My new head? help??

01-03-09, 15:12
i got my new head today (from my mate, off a 1y engine) and all looks to be the same as the ABL one.Also, the head looks brand new casting, and its not a VW part. So im guessing its a new remanufactured one from vw engineering or similar, can anybody confirm??

Also, what does the little extra pipe coming out of the side of the head do (by the water flange) as my ABL head has one, and my 1y doesnt?? other than that,thats the only difference that i can see??

so should be ok, as long as i dont need that pipe??

here are some pics?

and here's a pic of my old head, with pipe, and new one without??

01-03-09, 18:45
Pipe was just an upgrade to cooling system, you can drill & tap new block & fit pipe to it - or blank off small hose that goe's to it. I tapped block on mine.

01-03-09, 18:53
i see, i think i'll just block it then, where does the small pipe come from?

01-03-09, 19:13
If I remember right, it goes to expansion tank mate.

01-03-09, 19:33
ar....ok,cool. i'll keep an eye out when i come to re'fitting it all :-)

cheers dub