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Modding so far

8 Ball
01-03-09, 18:45
Can put feet up now for a while :). Fitted white indicators and fog lamps lamps yesterday.
Wow what a difference they make.
Got some piller stickers off flea bay...complete disaster...poor fit and stuff
Threw them away in the end. Don't anyone make same mistake.....avoid at all cost
Have front seats from an 04 Toyota Celica to fit next.:D
Damn supposed to take pics today but forgot... will post some as soon as I get a chance

01-03-09, 18:55
good work 8ball, keep the momentum going, little and often is what i say. keep us posted

and don't forget those pics......

01-03-09, 19:16
How easy is it to fit clear indicators. I have a set and not ure how to go abou it, dn't want to break anything.

8 Ball
01-03-09, 19:27
White indicators the easiest to fit, cheapest and most effective mod out there. Remove bulb holder and just press black clip between headlamp and indicator. Lamp will just slide out. You could do it now in 5 mins Gazhow......T:

01-03-09, 19:30
Cheers for that 8Ball, job for the morning