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Sticky sliding door....anybody had problems?

01-03-09, 22:43
Noticed that sliding door getting stiffer and stiffer to slam. Used to practically close itself but now gotta put a bit of welly into it. Anything other than the obvious as regards freeing up the rollers etc???

02-03-09, 06:40
hi have a look in the channel that the bottom roller slides in i found a pen in mine yesterdayI: try and give it a clean out when i put a new roller on the old one had two square rollers and the main one was in bits

just dan
02-03-09, 22:46
agreed with above the rollers may have worn and gone square be very carefull if you keep using it like that as you will start to wear the actua runner away and the door will drop giving uneven panel gaps etc.

03-03-09, 21:28
I've had this recently, door got harder and harder to close, until findally the main roller at the bottom broke and flew off. so my advice is to go send a pm to tidytransporters, he'll sell you a replacement for 24.75 inc delivery (close to 100 from vw dealer!) then the door will be as good as new again.

only trouble I had were the bolts that screw the roller unit to the bracket at the bottom of the sliding door were rusted solid, plus had allen key heads which stripped. ended up cutting off the old bracket with a dremel and some cutting disks, then buying some new M8 bolts, took longer than planned but sorted now!

04-03-09, 20:50
Cheers guys. Will investigate!:ILU:

08-03-09, 19:59
still got a few left if needed :ILU:

09-03-09, 06:57
Anyone had trouble opening their door? Mine seems to be stuck like glue sometimes and doesn't wanna open?

Ian. :D