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Got my van back!! Hooray!!

02-03-09, 09:39
Picked my van back up today - after having left the garage with a rather large wedge of my money in return (courtesy of the trusty credit card!).

It goes fine and on the bright side, I'm hopeing it'll be good for a great many years to come - but the bill?? :* ouch!

The Financial Ombudsmen Service are now dealing with the AA regards their share of the bill............

02-03-09, 09:54
Good to see you got her back on the road mate :ILU:

03-03-09, 14:14
Having driven around a bit, I have to say the first thing I've notice is the lack of having to use the pseudo choke.

Granted, it's hardly cold at the moment, but the van starts on the button without any help from throttle or cold start cable - and it's never done that before.....

Hopefully I'll see some increase in economy too, now it's obviously running better.

Might have to have some more tweaks with the boost/fuelling though now, as I seem to have 'lost' about 1 psi since the new head went on........

Still - overall it's good...... I: