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Selection of T4 seats

02-03-09, 11:35
Selection of seats from a minibus T4. All in grey with a soft plastic covering.

The van was used to move builders around and because of this are quite scuffed and could all do with a good clean up - and being that they have the plasticy covers should clean up easily and well.

1 x single seat
2 x 2 seaters
The above all fit on to quick release mushroom bolts and have fold down backs. I do have some of the mushroom bolts available - not enough for all seats so first come first serve.

1 x 3 seater
This one bolts in to the rear of the van (bolts included) and can tip forward to give extra rear load space. The back of this seat is quite tatty with a couple of tears from where stuff has been loaded in to the back.

1 x double passenger seat with base

The 2 and 3 seaters each have a lap seat belt for the seats not by the side of the van and seat belt receptors for the seats that would be by the side - 3 point seat belts fitted to the side of the van were used for the side seats.

I do have a few of the 3 point belts that fit to the van available but not for all seats, so again first come first serve.

The front double seat has a built in 3 point belt for the middle seat (rear/top cover for this belt missing, but it doesn't effect it working) and a receptor for the belt attached to the side of the van (this side belt not available - sorry).

I will also in the next few weeks have the drivers seat available for sale should someone want the entire matching set!

Will sell as a bulk deal or individually - no fixed prices in mind so please make me sensible offers.

You will have to collect these seats from the Oxford (OX5) area - I will not ship them.

Any questions please ask.



02-03-09, 19:03
prices please.:ILU:

03-03-09, 08:28
How about:

Single seat: 30
Doubles: 40
Triple: 50


03-03-09, 15:57
Hi,how much for the double and single folding seat in front of pic? with belts please
Cheers Lee:)

03-03-09, 16:47

I only have the seat belt available for the double as need to keep the one next to the single.

So how about 65 for both seats and the one side mounting belt?


Stereo Steve
04-03-09, 20:45
are these genuine vw but just trimmed in vinyl???
cheers steveT:

04-03-09, 20:50
From the way they fit in to the van on the mushroom bolts I'd say yes, however I don't know for sure.

Tomorrow in daylight I will have a good look and see if I can see any VW labels on them.

I know they have definitely been trimmed as there are stickers on the van from the company that did the trimming, so it might well be VW underneath.

Will let you know what I find out in daylight!


05-03-09, 10:20
Have had a good look at the seats today and the legs all have VW/Audi stamps on them and so I would say yes they are genuine VW seats that have had the vinyl trim put on.


08-03-09, 13:51
The doubles and single are taken subject to collection.

Rear three seater still available - with three headrests and mounting bolts.

Front double and single will be available shortly - need to find myself some replacements first!

10-03-09, 21:57
Front double is now out of the van and available.

It comes with a base, two head rests and has a built in 3 point belt - note however the receptor for the built in 3 point belt is not included.

It's in pretty good condition but could do with a good clean up.

40 - Anyone interested?

Will try and add some photos of it tomorrow.