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Caravelle Seats

02-03-09, 17:39
I have a complete set of caravelle seats from a 95 so pre inka trim, consists of 2xfront sngle,2+1 seater mddle row and 3 seater rear bench.
Also have a 3 seater rear in blue cloth.
Will sell seperately and may(?) be able to deliver, travelling to Kent early April.

02-03-09, 19:01
prices please mate.:ILU:

02-03-09, 19:18
Open to offers but i notice you were advertising caravelle seats not long ago why would you want these?

02-03-09, 20:06
Are the front two seats captains ones with the arms?

Am very interested if they are, however am in Oxford and so wondering if you would be willing to ship as there is no way I can get up there to pick them up.

Any chance of some pictures of them?



02-03-09, 21:15
Fronts are non captains

03-03-09, 09:02
Hi, I'm after a buddy seat - the little single which fits in beside the rear double beside the sliding door and folds forward. Again like others I would need it shipped to N.Ireland :eek:



03-03-09, 09:21
Pictures would help bud!

03-03-09, 11:53
Have a buddy seat and would ship if you arrange a courier
As for pics i am nearly computer illiterate,dont have a digital camera,dont know how to upload pics but am more than willing to send pics via my mobile to genuine interested parties.
Thanks Mel

03-03-09, 13:50
Do you have the seat belts and attachments for the triple rear seat. If so would you sell them on their own seperate from the seats?

03-03-09, 15:26
Sorry seat belts are staying i am just upgrading the caravelle interior with a different colour and seating combination.

03-03-09, 17:29
Open to offers but i notice you were advertising caravelle seats not long ago why would you want these?

I was,but i buy,repair,break and restore vans,so was wondering a price,always after descent stuff.............Is that explanation ok???


03-03-09, 19:33
Hey whatever i was just curious i will sell to anyone,if your in the business you will know what they are worth, i dont want fortunes.
I have 2x98 1.9tds that i am breaking and 2x project vans(again both 98s) if you are interestd in anything.

Mr Big
08-03-09, 23:09
How much for the two front seats? I'm assuming they are the blue ones with the diagonal stripes?

09-03-09, 18:52
The seats are grey although i do have a full caravelle interior in blue but would only sell the saets as a set of 7,