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Kyham rear Awning NEW!

03-03-09, 11:04

I have a new (only been erected once) Kyham awning for sale, it was made by Kyham for a Range Rover Sport and it fits over the back of the vehicle.

I bought this for my van but I have now decided to go for a Kyham sleeper, it should fit a T4 fine but you may need to modify the connection tunnel. You are quite welcome to try it before you buy.

It would be ideal to use as a kitchen especially if you have a barn door or if you have the cooker at the back of the van.

These were only available for a short time and they cost around £400 so Iím looking for £250 or a deal for a Kyham Sleeper.

It is the grey one in the first picture.

03-03-09, 12:31
Hi Rob,

The awning is approx 2m x 2m and the opening at the back is approx 1.65m high x 1.7m wide this is where the tunnels zips on (the tunnel can be removed and the side zipped back on if you need to leave the camp site).

The connection tunnel is for a Range Rover Sport please see the vehicle sizes:

RRS = 1784mm high x 1983mm wide
T4 = 1940mm high x 1840mm wide
T5 = 1969mm high x 1904mm wide

So this would be more suited to a lowered van:ILU:

06-03-09, 13:45
now sold..........