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cannons forge competition

03-03-09, 16:54
Hi, i just tried to print out the flyer for the comp and it only printed half of it. it missed off uk and the end of my user name, so basicaly just the last inch not half.on A4 it has a border of 1" all round,anyone Know how to get it to print fully?
also,call me tight, but ,as nice as it looks my print cartridges are 25 a pop,could it not be toned down a little.:(

03-03-09, 16:59
Check "fit to page" on the printer options and change the name on the image to TonyR


03-03-09, 17:07
Print it in black and white mr tight LOL: well you said to call you tight Rasp:

03-03-09, 17:09
Ha Ha thanks for thatT:

03-03-09, 17:39
Yep,Cool , i opened it in photo shop,Shrunk it, lowest quality, black n white ,Tight Git.I:

03-03-09, 17:52
Just as a suggestion, I make all my own business cards by creating a 6"x4" print in Photoshop then going to Tesco online and uploading it and ordering the in-store 1 hour collection.

I get them for 10p each which is pretty cheap and the colours won't run in the wet. As a suggestion why not chuck up a pre-prepared 6x4 image for us to download.

If you sign up to Tesco online photos you get 6 prints for free so it will cost nothing :)

03-03-09, 17:59
Nice idea, I like the sound of professional looking glossy flyers !

I'll pass it on to JimDoodle to see what he can do ?

03-03-09, 18:11
Nice idea, I like the sound of professional looking glossy flyers !

I'll pass it on to JimDoodle to see what he can do ?

At the risk of getting deleted for advertising again, here's what I have done: (

Make the image 6" x 4" x 300 DPI, Go mad to your hearts content and save as a JPEG. Tesco offer 6 free prints per sign up. If you have more than one email address, another set of free prints :)

If the members want personalised ones with their own van on I may be persuaded to help out if they mail me a suitable pic.

I can make up a layered PSD where we just set the owners pic as the background layer - basically what I have done with my cards. I have a different image for different things. If you mail me some forum logos I will have a go at a PSD template.

03-03-09, 18:30
With 30 seconds messing, you get the idea..... (

03-03-09, 18:47
Terms & Conditions

The competition runs from the beginning of March till the end of August.
Prize excludes upholstery & fitting.
Free fitting


also is there a cash alternative? I: