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Fridge Vents?

03-03-09, 19:40
Evening all,

Not sure if this is posted in the correct section. Just wondered if I still need to put vents in the side of my van if i dont hook-up the 3-way fridge to gas (Just use 12v & 240v).

Many thanks


04-03-09, 06:26
the vents are there to stop the fridge overheating and burning out. it needs air flow behind it to work proper. if you just use 12v then you will find that the batterys go flat very quickly, the 12v is only whilst the van is travelling the you switch over to 240v or gas.
the 12v runs through a relay from the vechicle so once the engine stops the 12v stops. then use your hookup or gas mode on site if you do fit it for gas then you have a bit more felxibility to go wild camping, it is very rare for me to pay to use a hookup on site, if room permits then install two 110 amp batteries and gas and you should last a full week without hookups.

04-03-09, 17:23
Cheers for that T:

10-04-09, 09:23
Not the same as the original question but..

Is it best to cut fridge vents once you've insulated?

Mrs SP x