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T4 Towbar

01-01-08, 17:56
A friend of mine is having a clearout and has asked me to sell this towbar that he never used. It is a little grubby from storage but is definitely new and genuine VW

He assures me it is for a T4, but if someone can confirm it from the part number in the picture that would be great :ILU:



I have never posted an advert anywhere without a price and hate "offers" on adverts, but we really don't know what it is worth! If anyone knows how much they are from VW that would give us a good idea on how much lower to start the price of this one!!

Located in East Devon and collection only

01-01-08, 19:31
dont think its a t4 one the genuine vw one replaces the complete rear bumper iron and the plastic bit attaches to it looks more like a t25 one

02-01-08, 07:41
Bugger, can anyone confirm vwaddicts theory?

mr self destruct
07-01-08, 07:30
I'm afraid its not out of a T3, as they have box-section at the sides where this one has plate.
I googled the part no. and came up with one on the german ebay.

According to that its off a Passat!
Try selling it on Volkszone in the watercooled section, might have more luck there. :ILU:

07-01-08, 11:49
Thank you :)
I tried googling the number last week, with no luck!
If a mod could remove the advert from here and my apologies to people expecting a cheap T4 towbar, i was hoping to sell it to a fellow member for a bargain price!