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MOT Time

Arden Daz
05-03-09, 18:57
Well after remembering it was due 7 days ago it went in with no checks being made I:I:

It Passed A:A:A:

05-03-09, 20:31
Yep mine passed yesterday 7 tests only failed 1 on a broken rear spring. The old girl is off to a new owner monday. Hope the T5 replacment is as reliable had the old gril for 8 years super reliable and i could of sold her 4 times T:

05-03-09, 20:52
Mine passed today :D Good news now that I am keeping it A: Just advisories on the tyres (getting sorted tomorrow) and 4 wheel tracking.

05-03-09, 21:45
Lucky boys.
Mine passed today but I was 396 worse off.
Middle section of exhaust went this week, handbrake cable was a bit worse for wear plus 2 inner track rods were knachered.............oh and the tracking was s:*t.

Bonus is that it drives like a new van now.