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Puzzled newbie - urgent assistance required

06-03-09, 19:29
I dont understand how it happened but........
My daughter and son-in-law are VW mad. They have had an air-cooled camper sitting on their drive waiting to be 'done up' for a couple of years with almost zero progress. As a loving father it is my duty to advise them that the best course of action is to sell it 'as is' and put the money to better use but they wont hear of it. Apparently, ownership of a dub is all.
I've NEVER owned or even driven a VW until recently when I passed this shop with a '99 T4 parked outside with a 'for sale' sign on it. I jotted down the phone number and thought no more about until the next day - horror of horrors I was on the phone arranging to buy the damn thing! I went back and bought it in the dark without even looking it over - total madness....
Its a 1.9td 800 special and I paid way over the odds as it has rot in the rear wheel arches, a dented sliding door and various other bodywork issues. Son-in-law advised a new cambelt as it has no service history - talked himself into a job - silly boy! Apart from that and a seized caliper ( easily freed off ) it appears mechanically sound.
NOW I'M HOOKED. Is there a cure or am I destined to go all the way down the slippery slope to a full conversion? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-03-09, 19:40
you are truly f:*:*ked so you might as well enjoy every darn minute.

Welcome to the club.

06-03-09, 19:41
Well and truly on the slipperly slope I'm afraidT: I too bought the first van I saw and although I don't like to say it but I paid a lot for mine too. Since buying it I have tried justifying the money by spending more:confused: and fitting it out into a camper. Few bits still needed and everytime I go out to it I find something else that I could do or needs doing. I'm sure this van is going to beat me one day - I'm looking out for the next van to do as well!

Have fun and post some pictures of the van!

06-03-09, 19:43
Yep your hooked, there's no cure. I bet you have already started a goodies list, Wheels, suspension, different seats etc etc. good luck it's worth it and welcome to the forum.

06-03-09, 20:07
Yep your hooked, there's no cure. I bet you have already started a goodies list, Wheels, suspension, different seats etc etc. good luck it's worth it and welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the welcome everyone - the list IS growing by the minute!
And can I advise any other 'newbie lurkers' to fork out the tenner and get to see all the fantastic info available to members only - definitely the best investment I've made this year.....
A quick question - how feasible is it to respray a van myself without the benefit of a fully equiped garage i.e at home on the drive........ ( If I go for it, which 'team' should I join? I'm leaning toward metallic blue but could be tempted to go for metallic red. )

06-03-09, 21:51
welcome to being poor I:

06-03-09, 22:06
welcome mate best bit of advice i can give you is to not tell the wife the cost of all the bits you buy for it LOL:LOL:LOL:


Arden Daz
07-03-09, 07:22
15 years later lots of aircooled and water pumpers later and im still trying to wonder how it happenedH:

Welcome to one of the wide ranging friendliest bunch of people you will find.

T4Toad is right never admit the real price you pay for stuffI:I:

Bluebird Customs
07-03-09, 07:58
is there a cure


07-03-09, 08:52
Welcome to the land of empty pockets, overdraughs, mad stares from wife everytime a parcel arrives, sayings like... another weekend away,where have you been, you on that forum again, we used to chat. But its a great world and you will have a nice van. T:

team french
07-03-09, 09:18
yep, your screwed!!!LOL:LOL:

welcome to the club thoH:

08-03-09, 04:42
Just keep telling yourself:
Low depreciation.
Spending more is really only protecting the investment.
It's environmentally friendlier to keep an older vehicle running in peak condition.
Having one multi purpose van is saving money instead of having other vehicles.
If it's converted with this or that, weekends away will be so romantic, we can go away anytime we want.
...err, what's the other ones?.. I: