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Service Help !....

08-03-09, 08:31
Hi Guys,

Just had to take 50% pay cut or be made redundant :eek: (some choice !!) so am going to service my 888 special 2.5TD myself for the 1st time.
Any top tips, it has a K&N Filter, so was thinking just oil and filter or is there anything else i should be looking at engine wise ?.


08-03-09, 08:41
hi waveride, the o ly thing i would do extra if on a budget is change fuel filter, especially if not been done for a long time ,and if you use supermarket fuel. would also invest in an anti smoke treatment to fill fuel filter before you fit it. hope this helps:)

08-03-09, 12:29
thanks chunder, all tips gratefully received T:

08-03-09, 13:28
simple 10k service is pretty easy.. even I can do it.

oil - air - fuel filters .. The only one that is a pain to do is the fuel filter.. but its ok.

Use a decent quality 10/30 semi synthetic oil..

The oil drain plug on the bottom of the engine can be crazy tight and chewed up though.
It depends who and where it has been serviced before.

I hate it.. It is black - dirty mucky job.. but satisfying once done.

Ohhh and dont forget to check gearbox oil level.. !


09-03-09, 04:39
I would also check the condition of the multirib accessory belt. Look for any small cracks on the rib side where it bends over an idler. Do a general check over for any fuel, oil & coolant leaks.Inspect brake pad thickness & change brake fluid every two years. While you are there, look at your CV joint boots & exhaust for leaks, cracks or broken mounts. I would also look for any contact rubbing of cables,pipes & wires in engine bay.

12-03-09, 09:32
Thanks for all your tips, fuel filter sucesfully replaced T:, gonna tackle oil change this weekend - at this rate might get wife to get me some overalls for xmas LOL:

09-06-09, 10:57
sorry to jump on this. im off to service the van tomorrow. oil and filters. how do i check gearbox oil while im faffign about? is it obvious?