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this t4 thing is new to me

11-03-09, 00:59
hello i,m vol164 and in nov last year bought an ex aa van with intention which is still pending to convert into a camper . for last 20yrs i have been heavyily involved in the hotrod and custom car scene to a point now that i am vice chairman of the nasc if anybody has heard of it , NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STREET CLUBS we hold events through out the uk over the course of the year at various locations catering for hotrod custom american old skool and of course we have a large vw attendance at our shows , please take a look at our website you guys are more than welcome to attend our next show providing its customised . i might own a vw now but i havent given up my 5 litre v8 chevy truck or old skool volvo , please take a look at our events for this year you are more than welcome to attend

11-03-09, 18:00
howdi had a few yanks and customs myself before i got in to vws still attend the kyle rod and custom show up here in scotland would have another in a minute if the petrol wasnt so high :ILU:

12-03-09, 23:13
nice website dude - anything with flames always gets my vote - next project coming along is a early 70's gp beach buggy thats going to have the flaming wand waved at it - i know its not a big yank custom just wanted to show my appreciation of your site - nice one

12-03-09, 23:26
Hi, I've come across your site before and it looks goodT:, I like the old skool volvos too, used to have a '66 123S 2 door Amazon with a chopped roof and dropped on the floor in pastel mint green:D