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Advice please on 2.4 van please.

14-03-09, 18:53
Hi,im new to the T4 scene so alittle advice off you veterans would be much apprieciatedA:.
Looking for my first T4,found a R reg 2.4 swb panel van in white.Recent respray and colour coded in white(owner owns a bodyshop).Lowered with 18inch alloys,1 previous owner,recent full service and cambelt.Fully plyed in back.T&T.
153000 miles and no service history.Cab looks tatty but i will be changing the whole interior anyway:ILU:.

Right what do i need to look out for on a 2.4 engine?,what would be a fair price to pay?,any areas to watch out for on body/chasis?

I need all the advice i can get so fire away!!!T:

14-03-09, 20:08
Welcome mate :)

I bought an S plate 2.4 with 145k, FSH & nice and clean for 1600 last year so price wise with the alloys and respray I wouldn't pay more than 2k ish??? It's a buyers market so plenty to choose from at the moment.

The lack of FSH is a bit of a worry and I would contact the previous '1' owner to chase this up!!!

No real worries on the body other than the usual scabbing/rust on the wheel arches etc.

The 2.4 engine is very simple and won't set the world on fire but I really like mine (although I'm comparing it to my previous T2 & T25's!!!) :D

Good luck in whatever you decide :)

14-03-09, 20:19
my first t4s were 2.4 engined and to be honest i was more than happy with them at the time but no good for towing so i moved on to tdi as previously said depends on the price .to be honest i think 2k is generous for an r reg panel with that miles i bought an s reg velle 2.4 with 100,000 miles and fsh for 2k and recently a p reg velle with 122,000 miles and fsh for 1400 .

14-03-09, 23:03
Only main faults i have come accross through experience is faulty gearboxes and the bushes wearing on the fuel pump and causeing the van to drag in air and judder. Ive had a few pass through in the last couple of years and they sound nice pull well just make sure it changes gear nice and it doesnt kangaroo down the road. I got 1 sat at the momen that neads a gear box.

15-03-09, 09:10
Thanks for the advice so farA:.The bloke wants 2300 so im not sure?.Its a 4hr round trip to go and see it!.Im not desperate but would like to have 1 in the next month or so.Ebay prices seem to be sky high for a bog standard tatty van claiming its a surf bus cos theve stuck carpet down in the back?
Guess i'll keep lookin or offer him 2000.:ILU: