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urgent enq !! , swivel seat bases

15-03-09, 09:32
ive found a pair of seat bases for sale that I'm looking to buy for my velle . ive been studying the picture but i can work out how they fit

does anyone have these bases on there own van and or know how they work with regard bolting together .


15-03-09, 10:09
they look like they are held together with a single centre nut which prolly aren't the best in a crash.. go with a fasp swivel base

15-03-09, 10:15
theres differant ones available and early t4s differ from late t4s to be honest mate at the minute theyre no cheaper than you can buy them from a trader so let them go and take time to get the right ones for your van

15-03-09, 10:17
i just noticed the seller id im sure the guy is a member on here so pm him and find out the info you need

John A
15-03-09, 21:36
I have had exactly these in my T4 for several years now without any problem. I bought them from http://www.autocraftmotorcaravans.com/default.asp.

15-03-09, 22:10
Definately go with the fasp bases T:... I definately wouldn't want to trust the ones which swivel on the single bolt in the event of a crash