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Mercedes 5 Spoke 15" Alloys + tyres FOR SALE

03-01-08, 18:05
I'm having a change of heart on these :

All in pretty good condition (as per photo really - a few little scuffs and the centre caps a bit flaky, but generally good) with 195/65/15 tyres (all good as far as I can tell, but I don't think they're 'load rated' - so would be best replaced with your standard commercial ones if such things are a concern........)

Need spigot rings and the right wheel nuts for a direct T4 fit.....

Pick up or arrange own courier (about 30) - 170 (open to offers........)


04-01-08, 12:24
anyone?? :)

05-01-08, 19:00
I'll listen to sensible offers - but not silly ones.....I:

07-01-08, 19:46
to the top for a bit .......... :)

14-01-08, 19:48
Can I not tempt anyone with these?? I'm only after a fair price - but I'll listen to offers!

I want shot because I've decided to go bigger, but I need other things just at the moment......

Last chance before E Bay gets them ...... :)