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Van Halen - An update and what a great job (with pictures)

15-03-09, 22:20
A big thanks to Andy at Firstglass in Bournemouth (

I have just picked up Halen ater being away for a few costmetics and upgrades. After studying lots of input from forum members, I had my kit list, my wish list and my cheque book at the ready. Off to see Andy I got confirmation that my wish list was all do-able so off we went.

First I added the 18" Wheels from Rochford Tyres -, 18" RS6 Special Offer (8018RS6SO) + 18" High Performance Tyre Upgrade (2254518AVON)
and after a few weeks driving around to see how the van handled, then took Halen to Andy to have a sliding window fitted on the drivers side, a fixed window on the sliding door, both tinted with a Limo tint. Next Andy removed the beautifully made rear seats, that were fitted by the previous owner, as they had no seatbelts and he fitted a great rock n roll bench with 2 intergrated 3 point seat belts, and a centre lap strap. Need to get some new cushions made, but originals will do for now.

Next he dropped the suspension 40mm and did a full geo on it to make sure everything was running straight, and finally and very importantly new windscreen wipers!!

Halen now looks stunning, drives beutifully and all for not a lot of money.

I would recommend Andy to anyone who wants good honest advice, especially if you are a newbee to T4s like me.

Below are some befores and afters



Van Halen...Rocks!

15-03-09, 22:26
Looking good.....:cool:....


15-03-09, 23:19
paint work looks a good job , in all a good looking van , well done

16-03-09, 12:41
sparkling... good work :)

16-03-09, 22:26
looks awesome dude, nice work T:T:

18-03-09, 15:13
Dosnt the van look shiney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18-03-09, 20:13
or is it waxed?

18-03-09, 20:27
Looks good!!! A:

pearly whites
18-03-09, 21:12
looks proper i will look out for it im in bournemouth too