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Electrician / Magician wanted

17-03-09, 14:30
I have a T4 Reimo Camper which has a Dometic fridge. This works fine on the Mains electricity, and on Gas, but I cannot get it to work on the 12v system.

I have tried 2 professionals: one an auto electrician, the other a camper specialist, but neither has managed to sort it out.

Does any one know of a good electrician in the Sussex area (I live near Brighton) who can sort out my fridge for me before the summer.

Cheers guys


17-03-09, 19:44
hi was talking about this to our sparky the other day, he has had same problem with a friends, van this guy is **** hot sparky....anyway hes been trying to put beer fridge in for him and guess what fridge wont run permanently,kicks in and out all day, bigger alternators, batteries,split charging, etc etc etc and conclusion is.....you cant put domestic fridge in and run it on 12v too much power required. he said that it wa impossible??? hope it helps a bit stick to mains and gas me thinks.......

17-03-09, 23:00
im a sparks
i live down the road from you in worthing
i could take a look but not promiseing anything

18-03-09, 07:09
The 12volt system on a fridge is just used to maintain the cooling temp (once cooled down on gas or mains) while the engine is running. it is not thermostatically controlled and the draw would soon kill your battery. It will not cool down from warm (well not for a very long time)

Electrolux (Dometic) trained caravan fridge engineer

18-03-09, 07:27
the fridge should only work when the ignition is switched on and the engine is running, does it work then. the 12v is only while you are driving then when camping you switch it over to gas or mains hookup. if it works on gas and mains see if it works while the engines running, it will be wired from a relay that energisers when the alternator is spinning, sometimes there is a fuse in the relay that blows. hope this helps. had to push many a car that the owners had been using a cool box overnight when camping. it will soon flatten a 12v battery if left switched on.

18-03-09, 17:15
hiya mate.

Have been reading up on 3 way fridges recently. Have a look at this site. Lots of useful info.
BTW im a spark but up north so bit far away to help you. Will answer any questions tho.
Heres the link