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Intercooler - aftermarket

17-03-09, 20:48
I have for sale an aftermarket crossflow intercooler. I believe it was originally from a ford cosworth of some description but would easilt fit under the bonnet of a T4!

Bought it as a second hand item to fit to my van but as my autobox isn't long for this world then the mods will ahve to wait as all my money will be needed there soon :(

Anyway, the cooler is around 550mm at its widest point and is in near perfect condition. There is a small dent on the bottom rail (no damage to the capacity / airflow). There are mounting brackets on either side and there is an ancillary bracket on the top, but this could be removed without much bother.

I am looking to make back the 60 that it cost me, I can post it if required.

22-03-09, 21:21
BUMP :( Anyone?

23-03-09, 22:38
Fleabay it is then....:(