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Wanted:- paint sprayer / body work Southampton area

18-03-09, 19:42
Anyone know a decent sprayer / body shop who can sort out some rust on my wheel arches and a few other areas where paint need attention. Nothing major just needs tarting up in a couple of places before it goes bad....

idealy in the Southampton or surrounding area

18-03-09, 21:35
If you find one drop me a line - I need a bit of rust sorting on my wheel arch too.

18-03-09, 23:03
try courtney bodyworks in bournemouth. i have had work down there over the past 6 years on different cars and never had a problem, there number is 01202 296200. id say its worth a visit or call for the 30 minutes drive from Southampton. the boss is called martin by the way

19-03-09, 20:42
thanks will pop in and have a chat with them.

21-03-09, 12:28
Popped down there this morning and got a quote for some rust removal on the wheel arches. Only small spots but I want to stop it before it gets bad. Was quoted 100 per arch - does this sound about right or expensive. That was based on 8 hours labour and paint at about 80

21-03-09, 18:05
As a sprayer by trade id say that sounds right to me. Only prob with rust is,you cant guarantee it doesnt come back

22-03-09, 08:53
If we are still talking about Courtneys then I would say that is a good price. I know first had how he works and what the results are when its finished. Its a good deal all in.
I wont let anybody else spray my vehicles, and my van is in for a full respray next month. You'll not walk away disappointed.
Good luck with whatever you decide though dude