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T4srus LED rear lights

18-03-09, 22:21
Has anyone got any pics of the clear/smoked/red rear LED rear lights on the van, lights on and off if possible I:

Any reviews would be great also!

18-03-09, 22:55
No pictures but I have the red/clear ones and I think they look great, very OEM and not tacky at all, I actually pulled over earlier and got my daughter to stand on the brake pedal so I could see what they looked like as it was almost dark, :eek:man they're bright:eek:.
Almost feel sorry for anyone following :D.

If no one comes up with a picture I'll take a couple tomorrow evening, van's filthy mindT:.

18-03-09, 23:01
Tell a lie, here's one from before it was finished, none lit up though.


19-03-09, 07:14
i have the smoke clear ones , both look real nice

19-03-09, 19:15
i also have the smoked ones german ebay 55 plus 10 postage

heres a pic