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durham campsites

19-03-09, 00:47
hi all going up to durham sat ,going to camp up for the night is there any one out there know of a nice camp site i can book on near the a1.ill be there all day so if any one fancys meeting up let me know .
cheers dave

Desp Dan
19-03-09, 06:23
Cant speak from Experience Dave but there's a couple here:



19-03-09, 08:13
You need to be a member of the Caravan club, but they have just re opened the site at the rowing club. Obviously next to the river, right in the town. Toilets and showers in the rowing club plus a bar. Or wander into town.

Guy at work used it the other week and highly recommended.

19-03-09, 09:13
hi david are the rowing club toilets closed on a night

19-03-09, 12:39
Don't know for sure, asked the bloke here who went who said the main door had a swipe card on it but they didn't give him one. He used the loo about midnight and the shower was open at 6:30am when he went for one the next morning but can't be sure between them times.

19-03-09, 23:06
cheers david those times are plenty for me ill be haveing a early night anyway as ive some mileage to clock up sunday
thanks guys for your help dave