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Cats Direct - anyone used them?

The Dodd
19-03-09, 12:22
As above really. There site is

Anyone used them? Anyone recommend anyone else? Trying to keep my costs down and my exhaust centre section has developed a small hole as it enters the centre box. i don't want to take it to a garage as I paid 100 for just a back box the other week (it was an emergency - it fell of and I needed my van to get to work) and the part on here only costs 50 delivered.

Also where do I find what engine code I've got. I've got a 2.5, 2003, ex-aa.

19-03-09, 12:51
If you look on the cover under the fuses there is a sticker that details the specs of the Van, (well it is there on my van a 2001 ex AA) but i am pretty sure it would be fitted with the ACV engine.


19-03-09, 18:31
Also where do I find what engine code I've got. I've got a 2.5, 2003, ex-aa.

You can check the engine code from the log book, The engine code is part of the engine number, Should have the three letter code (ACV) then the engine number after it, 6 digits I think.

19-03-09, 22:30
do away with the cat,fit a front pipe from a 1997 2.4 diesel straight fit,no hassle and only costs 29,no mot issues either

19-03-09, 22:38
I used them for a cat and twin downpipe on a Merc - they were the only place I could get a copy from for sensible money. Very happy with them, decent quality and an excellent price compared to the alternatives.

Thumbs up from me T:


19-03-09, 22:40
as said above remove the cat its not required will save you money in the long run