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Coolant Fluid

19-03-09, 20:35
Just asking for some help please. Have noticed that the van has recently been losing coolant water. When parked up today, noticed it dripping off the engine tray cover. Tried to find where it was coming from but couldn't see, as was bottom left side of engine. Any help on what it might be, mostly appreciated cheers!:ILU:

19-03-09, 21:14
is it a 1.9/1.9td ? could be a leaking water pump or have come across the lower hose going to pump housing behind alternator cracking and leaking this may help you look in the right direction

19-03-09, 21:18
Left as your looking at it from under the bonnet? If so its probably the waterpump thats giving up,if you have five cylinder engine then get it done asap or the belt could fail due to contamination! Very expensive! 4 cylinder engine then belt will be ok but dont leave it too long or it will get a lot worse and dump all it coolant and maybe overheat! Very expensive too! Book it in and get it seen to ASAP

19-03-09, 21:28
Its a 2.5 5 cylinder 88 engine. Yeh bottom left hand side as you look at it. Hopefully its not anything too serious. Have already got bills for 5500 from volkswagen garages in the last two years. Many thanks Cliff:ILU:

19-03-09, 21:30
Sounds like the water pump for sure! Raid the piggybank once more!