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Paint Opinions please

the floating man
21-03-09, 15:50
After a lot of umming and eering about weather to colour code the bumpers I have decided on this. There is a lot of finishing to do do but as a rough idea what do you think?

the floating man
21-03-09, 15:53
Sorry guys seem to be having problems with picture, will post properly in a minute......:*

the floating man
21-03-09, 15:59
Right try again....

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

21-03-09, 16:00
Thats better I can see it now

21-03-09, 17:41
yeah i had thought of this can even carry it on along the sides as theres a moulding there

21-03-09, 17:59
yeah that looks ok...:cool:

21-03-09, 19:45
I dont wish to offend, but if you really want my opinion - Im really not sure.:confused:

If youre happy go for it

21-03-09, 19:53
takes some getting used too, probably as i've never seen it done before. i think if you colour code the lower engine grille to white and add a lower splitter i think it may be ok.