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2.5tdi auto gear box ONLY DONE 500 MILES!

21-03-09, 22:23
2.5 tdi auto gear box for sale. Fitted in nov 08 at cost of 1400 then cam belt snapped last week killing engine! Gearbox is perfect! So up for grabs is an excellent auto box. Bargain at 700 HALF PRICE!!

Cant post obviously, collection from Lutterworth, LE17



Jim Doodle
22-03-09, 12:33
I'm tempted to get this even though i don't need one, it's a steal at that price!

08-04-09, 18:18
OK don't worry about the email I sent you as I've now (obviously LOL:) Found your add on here. I would love your gearbox but don't have the money right now.:(
Please reply to say if you still have it ,as if you do , I will do my best to beg and borrow the money to come and get it.T:

08-04-09, 20:13
sold sorry to say

08-04-09, 20:18
No worriesT:
Thanks for the reply though, Think I'm getting a used item from MuleA: