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Seven years bad luck?

22-03-09, 09:59
Some twot has just smashed my drivers side mirror on my t4!, however they were kind enough to only destroy the glass though!
Can anyone tell me if I can get a replacement glass, not the stick on gypo type, but a proper plastic backed one and if you can where?
Of course it had to be the convex type too, although its not heated it will probably still be twice the price!!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers Kez

22-03-09, 10:11
You can get the glass from the dealers. Good job that it is not heated. If it was, you are looking at 50 quid! :eek:

22-03-09, 11:43
I know the main dealer does them because a garage broke mine and fitted a replacement. Now the mirror doesn't hold its position and slowly moves with the miles. Can I do anything about it....can it be tightened?