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That's it - I'm hanging up me spanners!

22-03-09, 16:48
I've had a right shocker today!
I'm sick of squeaky brakes so went to change the front pads today - never done brakes on a van before but "How hard can it be?" thinks I.:dunno:
After finally working out which pads I needed and getting them yesterday I set about the job this morning.......
Van jacked up - wheel off - brake calipers exposed -
A bit of penetrating oil, a lot of swearing and a breaker bar later...................still won't budge and I'm in danger of Rogering the head (OOOoo-errr missus):jd

So, half a day later I've still got squeaky brakes and a bad mood.

I'm gonna hang up me spanners, get ripped off at a garage and pay up and look big :(
Thought I'd share - thanks for listening:ILU:

TDI Dave
22-03-09, 17:24
Dont be in a bad mood !!

i wouldnt have had the sense to give up i would have carried on until either it came undone
or i broke the tool/bolt then get in bad mood :P

22-03-09, 20:49
best thing i got for xmas last year, was a air impact wrench! :)