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t4 side windows

22-03-09, 20:39
Hi can any one help me. I need someone to fit side windows around the warwickshire area .
They are not bonded but with rubbers
I would have a go myself but do not know any apeture sizes

22-03-09, 20:44
hi mate , welcome to the forum.

is it just a case of not knowing what size holes to cut? so you'll be flush fitting glass level

with the panel, held in place by the rubber?

22-03-09, 21:14
I had my window tints done by a window fitter who has a small unit behind Halfords on the Foleshill road,he said he fits side windows to vans.
I dont know what hes called but if you go down Hernall Lane and turn left onto the small ind/est behind the indian tempel his unit is at the very end tucked away in the corner.
Sorry im a bit vage with the address but i managed to find with the same instructions.

ps. i managed to get my job done a bit cheaper for cash, try it.

22-03-09, 21:20
Thanks live in bedworth will call in tomorrow

22-03-09, 21:22
Thanks live in bedworth will try tomorrow

22-03-09, 22:19
hi there

Try Vehicle and Marine in Birmingham

Here's a link (http://www.vehicle-marine.co.uk/) to their website, which is not up to date so don't go off any of the info on there, but give them a call. Vansport (who supply VW and their own glass) recommend them.

They've quoted us 40 to fit side windows (each) and 60 for tailgate

36b Victoria St
Birmingham, B9 5AA
0121 772 6307

Vehicle Marine and Vansport both supply windows as well if that's any help. Although VM don't supply the bonded ones

Hope this helps