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which tow van 2.4d or 1.9td?

23-03-09, 08:54
which engine is best for towing 2.4d or 1.9td i know you can tweek the 1.9td not to sure about the 2.4d ? have run a thread about the engines but to be honest its a bit of a mixed bag or seems that way ! i like the idea of being help to tune the 1.9td but dont know if thats the best ? i have the 2.5tdi 2001 but its an auto and dont want to be towing with it as its recently had the autobox rebuilt ( 5k on it ) only 60k on the engine/bus itself realy nice bus but i need to tow so it will be going up for sale ! so you can see my problem of getting the right setup !:confused:

23-03-09, 09:21
Hi mate it depends on what your towing i used to pull a old sprite major caravan very heavy with a 1.9td. It pulled it ok but not easily a 2.5 tdi like you have would be the best bet but in a manual. I have a 2.4 and a 1.9td the 2.4 will pull a house down but probably leave the gearbox in the pile of rubble. So out the 2 my opinion would be a 2.4 but make sure the box is working well every one i have had has either had or needs a new gearbox, so try and get one thats had. :ILU:

23-03-09, 20:47
id forget both .my first t4s were 2.4 .i towed an 18ft caravan with it twice then gave up as its absolutley dire .cant imagine a 1.9 being better as its a smaller engine in the same weight of van .you definatly need a 2.5tdi and even then its not great .my advise would be sell the auto buy a manual make sure its the 102bhp then have it remapped to increase torque that way you will be able to tow without the stress