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A mod worth doing

23-03-09, 20:01
Hi all

Not sure where to post this one, either mods, security, or ? But here goes

I was told by a fella with a garage that your not allowed to drink in a car/ Van if you have the keys for it. i.e you gotta have someone open it and take the keys away. this is because if you are over the limit, and are in the back of the van, with keys that suit the ignition, although you are not diving, you are still classified as being in control of the veichle. so having a think about this (and what the van is going to be used for I:) i searched the classifieds section and bought a new lock for the side door with 2 keys for 20 off a van which was being broke. Just changed the lock, and it was an apsolute doddle, so i now got my main keyring with my ignition key and side door key, and a seperate keyring with my side door key and a bottle opener so if plans change when out, the main keys just need to be hid and i have the side keys to get into it so when a kind police man comes and gives a nock i should be able to give him a Rasp: (or an explanation to that idea)


paul ss
23-03-09, 20:09
its a tricky situation realy as been through all this before and not that i drink offten but just have a lockable safe that goes onto the towing eye with ignition key in and just use fob to get into van and out of it saves losing keys also .

23-03-09, 20:12
Nice Idea :)
So even if Im sleeping in the back after a few beers of course (without the keys in the ignition) , then its still illegal?

23-03-09, 20:14
this only applies to the vehicle being on the public road tho' doesn't it, and there are'nt many shows held along the roadside H:

23-03-09, 20:15

As far as i'm aware, if you don't have the key for the ignition then it's legal as you have no control of the van.


23-03-09, 20:16
Not sure about the public road bit...

But there's a big car park outside Whitehavens Pubs and clubs and on the habour :D


23-03-09, 20:35
I would'nt worry too much, Plod won't be that interested unless someone makes a complaint about you in the van making too much noise, revving the engine etc giving the plod a reason to come over and check you out; :eek:
However, yes it is technically an offence to be 'drunk in charge of a motor vehicle' but they must prove that you were intending to drive the vehicle, the offence is committed in a 'public place' i'e on a road or anywhere else the public have access i.e a supermarket car park. If your camping out in a field and sleeping in your bus with everything set up and you are genuinally not going to drive I can't see a problem, I would be very surprised if the plod would be interested, but to be water tight, best bet, as you say is to hide the keys and don't draw attention to yourself, then again I can't believe a forum member would loose control of themselves that much ! LOL: Pete

T4 Chris
23-03-09, 20:36
I have a similar solution, that the previous owner unknowingly gave to me!!

He decided that he liked the 'flick-out' type VW/Audi keys that a lot of cars have and so he bought one for the bus, and got it cut. What he didn't realise is that the original key had an immobiliser built in, and so I now have a key that will open the doors but won't start the vehicle - perfect!

I am not sure about the legalities either because there is certainly an argument to say your still in control/charge of the vehicle whether the engine is started or not, eg if you release the handbrake on a hill etc BUT should the worst happen and you get nicked at least you can quite clearly show you had no intention of actually driving, and that must help your case!!