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Car covers for a swb T4????

23-03-09, 20:09
Can anyone recommend a waterproof exterior cover for my swb velle?

Basically i cant get my t4 in the garage as my Bug is in there and i have all the windows out of my bus while i prep for a respray, until today i had a huge marquis type tent over it:( which has been great for 3 months but the wind has completely killed it, i need to move it to my sisters where it will be in and out of her garage for a couple of weeks so i need to keep it fairly watertight

anyone able to help???

cheers kev

Big Bad Bear
23-03-09, 20:25
they sell the full covers on eBay also try doing a search on here as somone was thinking of making some

24-03-09, 20:35

Give these guys a try don't know if they do a t4 one but they will custom make one for any vehicle

24-03-09, 21:39
thanks guysA: