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Aero Wiper Blades...where to buy?

Mr Big
26-03-09, 21:56
Need to get some for me van. Any reccommended ebay sellers? Do halfords do them?

Cheers T:

26-03-09, 22:00
my local Tesco Extra has them!! less than 4each!

26-03-09, 22:02
got mine from Tidy T's - he's over in Lutterworth, about 15mins outside the town

26-03-09, 22:02
hi got mine off ebay buy it now 8.49 +2.49 p+p look for aceparts_uk easy to fit

26-03-09, 22:03
tesco extra. came out very good in auto magazine very simalar to Bosch wiper and cheap as chips

26-03-09, 23:11
hi got mine off ebay buy it now 8.49 +2.49 p+p look for aceparts_uk easy to fit

Thats where I got mine from, arrived today

30-03-09, 13:31
I also got mine from ACEParts on eBay. They're brilliant.

30-03-09, 14:28
i got mine from aceparts and even though they look the part they arent very good for wiping my windows at high speed they judder a lot
plus they squeek if screen is only mildly wet.

have to be careful with ebay ones some of them are lhd models and spoiler is on wrong side

30-03-09, 17:03
Yeah, I bought some lhd ones without knowing, but managed to throw away the finishing clip and flip them round.

will let you know of they still judder like mad on the motorway.

John J M
31-03-09, 06:26
Yeah I got some from SWD , dude at the garage said theyre for left hookers mind you theyre only 8 quid a set so it figures

31-03-09, 08:08

Ordered a set of bosch blades all round for 20quid friday afternoon. Arrived luchtime saturday. Good price, good service:ILU: