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When should you quit?????

26-03-09, 22:53
My van was crashed into whilst it was parked on my drive.In the last 7months my t4 multivan has had about 15k spent on it (not all by me even i'm not that stupid)
New autobox , new brakes all round, new shocks springs,wheels, paint job,engine rebuild the list is endless The van is with the main dealer at the moment (3.5k engine rebuild) Now all the electrics are playing up and putting the van into safe mode. All these problems are due to the accidennt and poor repair work due to the accident. The main dealers are fixing other people mess up's. So far since 09/08/08 i've been without the van for 17weeks. The main dealer want this van right for me, Andy and the rest of the guy's at sinclair have been great.
The main dealers have no idea how much this electrical problem will cost to fix. How far would you go now if it was your van? I can't think of anything else that could go wrong with this van.:bhd:bhd:bhd

26-03-09, 22:59
Keep your head up fella - it's a way of life not just a van T:

Things will sort emselves out - :D

27-03-09, 10:02
Hard one, if you sell up and buy something else you may be buying another heap of trouble!
Good Luck, hope it all works out T:

28-03-09, 00:46
Seems like you've had a lot of bad luck.
If you sell it you may never get back anywhere near the amount you have spent on it, however it could be a huge weight off you mind after having all that trouble, and you could be glad to see the back of it.

But, the way id look at it is that if you keep it, at least all the expensive work has been done and you know exactly what has been done meaning you have a good base for a decent van.

And its true you could get a new van that could cause you a whole load of trouble

Better the devil you know...

celtic nomad
31-03-09, 17:16
A Big call there. I,m absolutely gutted for you. We've been down that road ourselves (the Mrs and myself)With our car though and not the van. Lost thousands,at the end you've got to take it on the chin and get on with it. Think of all the pleasure you can get out of it, the times away, and if they are good memories for you, it might be hard to say at the moment, but the monies could then be irrelevant. :ILU: