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photoshop for me, ANYBODY???????

29-03-09, 09:37
i have an idea and was wondering if someone could help me out beforehand

what i was think of doing was reversing the colour coding on the front of my van

the grill with vw badge white
the grill at top of bonnet white
the grill above bumper white
and then the bonnet and the panel above bumper black.
van stay white
bumper stay white

so in theory i would have a white bumper and the black would come all they down to the bumper with three white grills?

it is only an idea at this stage but would love to see what it looks like.

many thanks if possible

if not any help or advice on how to try and do it myself would be greatly appreciated

here is front of my van

marine boy
29-03-09, 15:42

Not keen myself, but it's your van. Nice wheels BTW. T:

29-03-09, 17:38
thank you very much i must admit im not either looks like a taxi.

very much appreciate your time taken


29-03-09, 19:03
mite look better if you carried it on up and over the roof onto the back?

John J M
29-03-09, 19:56
Ive got a white van and i want a gloss black roof...hmmm!

29-03-09, 21:25
bonnet yeah .front panel no

29-03-09, 21:33
looks sweet as is , gloss roof nice too

30-03-09, 14:22
thats for comments think i will be leaving this one.

sometimes ideas should stay ideas.

there is only one answer i need to get myself a little project to keep my mind busy instead of thinking what ELSE to do to my van when i should just leave it alone and not go overboard

a nice mk1 or 2 golf perhaps to get my teeth stuck into.