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T4 Induction kit

29-03-09, 09:56
Would I notice a 12BHP increase on a 88bhp 2.5 TDi if I added a performace induction kit?

29-03-09, 10:39
only if you had it chipped, you won't get that much from induction alone. maybe 1 or 2 but defo not 12!

29-03-09, 10:59
The only thing you notice with an induction kit is a whining noise as it sucks the air in. It did have a difference when project powered though, but the whinings starting to get on my wick:(

29-03-09, 11:47
I dunno about on a T4 but on a lot of cars a cheap induction kit will quite often reduce HP, sucking in engine temperature air rather than cold air through the original air box, you really need a cold air induction kit piped to outside the engine bay but you don't want contsrictive pipes.
A decent filter replacement is usually just as effective.
To get any real gains you will need to do other stuff like exhaust aswell, getting denser air in quicker but nowhere for it to go doesn't really help.

Makes a cool noise though :D.