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just kampers pop roof

29-03-09, 17:47
has anyone seen or fitted or used a pop roof from just kampers for the vw T4 ?

i did not know they did them are they any good ?

29-03-09, 19:15
i,d also like to know that i wasnt aware they did them

30-03-09, 07:07

Hi try this website at Reimos


Billet the Kid
30-03-09, 07:15
Have a look here www.campervanroofs.co.uk

As far as I'm aware these are the guys who make them for JK, although don't quote me on that.

I've known Pete for years, smashing bloke and well worth a shout.

Hope that helps


30-03-09, 16:36
thanks for the info

i have found a few places that do the same roof as jk for the same kinda price just wanted to know what are they like to live with ......Has anything fallen off them and so on...

i did not want a reimo as i want to mod the roof and the side opening roof will work better for what i want plus i did not want to pay that kind of money for something i may end up taking a air saw to.

i think its time for me to have a look at one