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For sale: rear double seat

29-03-09, 20:23
Just been MOTed. A few scuffs on the back, but no tears anywhere.

Make me an offer. I've seen them going for about 100. I'm in London, can meet nearby.

31-03-09, 14:23
I am interested in the seats and I was wondering what van they came from and which position they were in.I have a standard T4 which has had a twin seat fitted behind the drivers side.I am looking to put in another twin behind the twin I have but I am not sure of the fitting,If there is pre formed bits to drill through to fix another seat to avoid pipes etc.Also is the rail the seats are on a quick release rail?
I'm sorry if I sound like a bit of a numpty but any advice would be appreciated.T:

31-03-09, 18:48
The seats were fitted in the same position as yours, in a T4 I bought and got MOTed last moth. They slotted into rails that fixed to the the floor of the van with bolts that went through the ply and the steel floor of the van, bolted on underneath. It looked to me like the floor had been drilled through to fit the rails. I don't have the bolts as they were in pretty poor condition where exposed to the elements under the van, but they looked pretty standard.

I have 2 floor rails, each about 1.5m long, which look good as new - they are the same as the ones that the seats were fitted into but were bolted to the sidewall ply lining, to fit shelving I think.

I'm definitely more numpty than expert so can't really advise on fitting the floor rails, probably worth getting done professionally!

The seats have a fitting attached which slots into the floor rails and then you turn the little yellow thing in the picture which locks them into place.

Hope this helps. Please PM me if you would like to know more.

31-03-09, 18:58
Jimfood - you have PM :D

31-03-09, 19:06
Open for offers until 2pm tomorrow.

Otherwise they're gone ;)

01-04-09, 19:34
These seats were reserved but buyer dropped out due to courier problems, so they're back on again!

They come with quick release rails and fittings.

07-04-09, 13:39
Anybody out there, before I take them to breakers?

Got an issue with space in my flat!

07-04-09, 14:28
where abouts in london are you?

08-04-09, 12:02
I'm in Camden, finish work at 2.30pm most days so could meet in the afternoons for viewing...

10-04-09, 11:27
Are seats still available,if so what would you take to have shot of them this weekend?

10-04-09, 12:34
I have someone coming to get them tonight.

If they don't take them I'll post this thread again.

10-04-09, 13:04
Cheers for that.T:

10-04-09, 18:35
The seats sold this afternoon