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Where to get Side Window from??

31-03-09, 20:24
Where's the best place to get myself a side window for my T4?

I'm looking for one that is privacy glass and not just stick on widow film.

Big Bad Bear
31-03-09, 20:40
Best and cheapest is Main dealers but if you want it limo without the film try Vansport

31-03-09, 20:50
I found some on eBay tonight bud cost 79 i think for a par
glass not film go have a look bud

01-04-09, 10:22
I have just had a pair fitted by Ultimate Transporters for 290 all in. Nice guys and know their stuff.


01-04-09, 11:45
Try Andy @ Firstglass he's a member on here Firstglass is his name just had sliding window fitted top quality job would recommend to anyone he's in Bournemouth T:

01-04-09, 11:55
I would do it yourself it's not that hard at all. Get the windows tinted before they go in..bad a bing.

01-04-09, 11:56
ive been sending guys into first glass in bournemouth nice guy, straight up with my customers worth the trip defo!