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Whilst the doors are off...

01-04-09, 17:28
I've finally made all my custom speaker bits that fit my new speakers in modified caravelle door pockets. I figured I'd fit central locking and an alarm whilst at it too since the door panels are out so am about to order the kit.

Should I go the whole hog and fit electric windows whilst I'm at it too, or am I biting off more than I can chew in one go? Should I leave that for the summer weather? I already drilled a hole in my finger last night in the dark! :(

If so what kits are there at what prices, with pros and cons of each? I've seen the T4sRus one on their site. Anyone know what the buttons are like and where they fit?

Dunno if it's an easy job whilst the cards are off (esp. since I have to remove the speakers first next time I wanna take the door panels off)....