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Good/cheap campervan insurance?

01-04-09, 17:33
Just about to start looking around for insurance, as hoping to buy my first T4 campervan this weekend (yay!). Can anyone recommend a good/cheap company?! Cheers, Mills

01-04-09, 18:11
adrian fluxT: mention the forum and you should get a discount!!

01-04-09, 22:34
yep, adrian flux for me as well. if you van is registered as a motorcaravan it makes it even easier with them.

02-04-09, 18:23
iF registerd as a motocaravan swinton safegaurd- mines 270. one claim and 6 points! Im 34
Hic was next best.
good luck

02-04-09, 19:38
I found Post office insurance the best

21-04-09, 14:40
thanks everyone. struggled as many places wouldn't insure me cos of (1) Brum postcode and (2) bf being unemployed! got one with swiftmotorhome i think it was called in the end. cheers for your help

21-04-09, 14:58
adrian flux for us , 250 fully comp. euro cover zero excess..
old gits at 49 tho..

21-04-09, 15:02
Adrian flux fully comp 220 insured as motorhome ..