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Garage Clearout

06-01-08, 18:56
Hi All,

I have a set of 4 steelies looking for a new home. The have got tyres but there is not much/any life left in them.

Also got a set of hub caps for them if anyone is interested.

Finally I have a pair of single set bases if anyone is interested.

If anyone is interested get in touch and make me an offer.

I'm based in Salisbury.

Marky H
07-01-08, 16:13
Hi how much for the single seat bases please

08-01-08, 16:34
Can i get first dibs on the steelies ?

08-01-08, 21:37
Marky H, sorry someone has got dibs on them now.

Mongoosecurry, see pm.

09-01-08, 18:57
Steelies have gone. Thanks Mongoosecurry.