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new graphics

02-04-09, 17:59
well the good men at just print carmarthen did me proud today and sorted the graphics
what do yer think



02-04-09, 18:01
i meant

02-04-09, 18:02
or maybe this

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="she's about sorted"></a>

02-04-09, 18:03
yeah it worked..

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="ooh new graphics"></a>

02-04-09, 19:12
very nice finnishing touch, how much where they A:A:A:

02-04-09, 19:19
Wasnt sure but its growing on me now. Makes the wheels look tatty though- maybe your next job??I:

02-04-09, 19:32
as for the price ? i havent had the bill yet.. and prices will depend on the complexity of the graphic. but i will let you know how much.
but i am now working on some wheels. at the moment i cant see the need for alloys , and i have a spare set of steel rims i may paint to match the van ...

so white van blue graphics with white wheels and maybe a small graphic on the center trim?

more to come, nearly finished..T:

03-04-09, 17:25
I like em, nice and curly, I like em a lot.
What ya reckon to white wheels with a blue lip on the rim..mmmmmmmm
Alloys are so last week mate!

03-04-09, 20:22
nice swirls could do with a little tap from the lowering stick.A:

06-04-09, 12:18
ok then for those interested.

bespoke graphics in a similar vein will be about 200 notes supplied and fitted.
or 150 supplied..

price really depends on the complexity of the design ....