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03-04-09, 00:41
One is up for sale in North London (Tottenham/Enfield area)
I saw it yesterday.
888 special, short nose, White, 2.5 SWB, '02 Plate with genuine 25k on the clock :eek:. Up for 3500

The problem is, this van has had a big drivers side impact behind B post & sadly it has had & poor repair plus the OS respray is BAD . Overspray every where. Back street garage without a clue.
Such a shame because this was a top van before the crash damage.

Being an unregistered heathen, I can't add it to the for sale section but I just thought I'd let peeps know.;)

03-04-09, 08:15
Thanks dude for the heads up on this, I guess it was being sold as a minter and completely straight etc etc. No recorded damage.

Shame, maybe you could give more info on the registration of the van so people can see the issues from the very first instance.
Cheers again

03-04-09, 08:31
problem is any one that dont know anything is gonna end up with that heap .