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where do I find van safe alloys in cornwall

03-04-09, 07:39
Hi, I am looking for some new alloys and I see lots of car alloys for sale that fit but am told they are not strong enough for a van or they are not allowed by insurance comps.I am a newbie really and frustrated.Where can i find a cheap or second hand set of alloys that tick all the boxes.?cornwall based. cheers all.

03-04-09, 07:56
In N Devon.... http://www.totallyt4.co.uk/

03-04-09, 08:10
Hi, welcome to the forum & the Cornwall Massive :cool:

I've used a few places T: You could call Phil at TTC 01872 264200 (Truro Tyre Centre, Threemilestone) or Gary at Powells, Redruth 01209 215755 or Wayne at South Crofty Tyres & Exhausts 01209 711911. All will know the wheels needed for use on a T4.

You may get lucky with a 2nd hand set or they may be able to point you in the right direction ;)

Hope you find something soon and if ya fancy meetin up with a few locals, pop over on Sunday to Cardrew Ind Est 11am onwards (see regional meet thread)

Take it easy


Chris :ILU:

03-04-09, 13:56
thanks boys.will try the links you've given.nice one T: