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Wanted : Reliable VW specialist

05-04-09, 11:53
Wanted : Good VW specialist in Northants/Oxon/ North Bucks/Warwickshire?

I want someone to Service my Van (including Auto Box!) that I can trust!

Is there anyone out there?

I'm a little unhappy with my local Garage, who I believe have charged me for work they did not do, but I can't prove it!


05-04-09, 13:00
Maybe a bit far out for you but can definately recommend Cordwallis at Maidenhead
If you want anymore info pm Dazboi01 on here. He's the service manager for the above.

Here's there website


05-04-09, 14:24
I would normally say MJP in kettering they are good vw/audi specialists but not sure with T4's??