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Which Khyam?

05-04-09, 14:52
Decided to bite the bullet and go for a khyam this summer.

Which one?

Its only me and possibly girlfriend so was looking at the tourer, hopefully to use here in the UK and possibly Europe.

Any opinions?

05-04-09, 15:03
2.5mx2.5m is big enough for two of you and packs away a little smaller, but the 3mx3m seems to be the msot popular. It also fits over the t4 slightly better.

I went up the size when my son needed his bike and pieces, and the 3x3 gave a little more space for the inner tent at night.

search Kyham on here there are a couple of threads that I've either started or added too. There plenty of info.

They're geat. Expensive but erected in under a minute - is worth every penny!

05-04-09, 16:58
The classic is the most popular 3mx3m, you won't regret buying one T:

05-04-09, 18:29
I went for the day shelter only 85 quid- we sleep in the van so just use the tent/gazebo for eating, storage etc. Didnt need a 300quid tent!
Just an optionT:

05-04-09, 18:41
The good thing about the classic is that you can add an annexe if you ever wanted incase you extend your family or have friends over, they both have an inner tent option too. If it will fit in your van then I would go for the bigger one but that's just coz I don't travel light! Have you visited Fishbrain website as they are really helpful and informative. Not heard many bad reports about Khyam except when the weather is too windy.:)

05-04-09, 18:53
Did think about day awnings, but need something i can drive away and leave especially if im in one place for a while, which is very likely.