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what bhp??

06-04-09, 16:09
is there anyway of telling what bhp a van is without the log book?

im going to look at a van which is waiting upto its logbook but the bloke does not know what bhp 2.5 it is. anyway other way of telling???


06-04-09, 16:15
if its standard you can tell by the colour of the i on the badge, or look and see if there's an intercooler.

06-04-09, 16:25
what colours do the i's mean then??

06-04-09, 16:32
Pop the bonnet and see if there is what looks like a big radiator thing on top of the engine.

If it has, it is the intercooler = 102bhp
if not, it is the 88bhp

DOn't go by the badges - people can change them!

Jim Doodle
06-04-09, 17:01
You need to know the engine code really, there are lots of variations on the 2.5 tdi

5-cylinder 2.5 litre AHY (150bhp/111kw)

06-04-09, 17:22
well from what ive been told it is totally unmolesterd with a blue i

this is the engine. looks like the 88bhp??


06-04-09, 22:22
yep its an 88

06-04-09, 22:37
will more than likely get it remapped and maybe an intercooler. then go down the pp route next year.